Stronger Every Day: Choice Performance Center Partners Tyrone & Crystal Irby talk about how their mission aligns with ours

By Jamie Miyares Botta on 8/8/2017

Why do you support GOTR?

Tyrone: I met GOTR of the Triangle board member, George Linney in 2013, at a time when we wanted to be more involved in our community. When we learned about GOTR we thought it was something we could get behind. In my research, I realized our youth aren’t being served as well as they could be in regards to fitness. When I grew up, we were always active. But today girls and boys aren’t moving enough. Besides the great character development in the curriculum, GOTR is getting girls moving. We wanted to figure out a creative way to support GOTR financially so hosted our first Squat Challenge in April 2016. Eight clients participated, and we raised lots of money for GOTR’s Scholarship Fund.

Crystal: One of our clients invited me to be a running buddy in a Girls on the Run 5k, which was my first exposure with GOTR. Later I became a teacher at Merrick Moore Elementary, which didn’t have a GOTR program. I worked to bring it there in 2016, and it’s continuing again this year. The program was life- changing for me. My team held me accountable for running on the weekends. We had one GOTR girl who had low self-esteem at the beginning of the season who ended up becoming more outspoken. It was hard to let it go after the season was over. So my co-coach, Carmeesha, and I still did weekly things after the season had ended with our team like a tee shirt tie-dye party. We tell Merrick Moore teachers that we’re here to support them – if there’s a discipline issue, we ask them to send girls to us to help. We’re happy providing additional support for teachers because we’re part of GOTR.


The messages in society that girls are exposed to now were subjects I was shielded from when growing up. They’re exposed to things they may or may not know how to handle. When I was growing up we had pagers- no cell phones, just T.V. Today they’re exposed to so much more. Exposure to lessons in confidence and having good conversations about self-esteem is important because they may not have anyone other than their friends to talk about those issues with, friends who are going through the same things.


How might Choice Performance Benefit GOTR Parents/Guardians, Volunteers and Coaches?

Tyrone: Our mission is to empower clients to focus on their goals. Our clients range from young student athletes to mature professionals, to those recovering from injuries. We don’t just focus on the physical aspect, but also on the aspect of being held accountable. We had a client who went on vacation in Hawaii, for example, and we gave her workouts to do the entire time. She did them! Doesn’t make a difference how old you are. One day in here isn’t enough – you need to have goals and mental commitment. GOTR’s philosophy about setting and achieving goals is our philosophy, too. We point you in right direction with structure and strategy then you’re good to go. My job really is to create strategy for everyone who trains here to succeed, whether training for an event or just looking to get in shape.

The mental aspect of our training is much like the lessons in the GOTR and Heart & Sole curriculums. Girls have different obstacles in their lives that the curriculum addresses. We believe the main thing is to focus on what your goals are. One client just ran an ironman in Canada, and we told him, ‘you’ve done the work, now just go up there and crush it.’

We offer a nice, clean studio and commit to giving our clients a personalized, great workout experience, whether in personal training sessions or group classes. We’re unique in providing a total physical and mental training experience.  We guide clients, 85 percent of whom are women, through functional, full-body movements, and offer plans for both athletes and non-athletes.

Choice Performance is growing, with plans to expand to another location within five years! For more information about the center and to check out their services, click here.

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